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Incredibly eye-opening. I feel enlightened and equipped to progress with my career in a leadership role.”

Jenny Davies, Programme Participant, Bath Spa University


Fi Dawson Formal Headshot BW (1).jpg

Fiona Dawson

Programme Participant

Director, Mayden

The Future Talent Programme is a leadership course that takes you on an intensive, thought-provoking, self-reflective and career affirming journey. I went in expecting theory, lectures and leadership ‘prescriptions’ that I could use in cookie cutter scenarios. I could not have been more wide of the mark and thank goodness!


The programme gave me access to experiences and knowledge not normally available to someone at my career point. I am so grateful to Mayden for the opportunity and proud to be part of an organisation that continues to see the benefit of the Future Talent Programme, for our people, our organisation and our city.”

Andrew Hawthorn 2017 B&W.jpg

Andrew Hawthorn 

Programme Participant

Deputy Director,
Intelligent Systems, 

"The Future Talent Programme opened my eyes to the many diverse challenges that leaders face and provided me with a suite of different approaches to tackle them. It also introduced me to many people in Bath facing similar challenges to me, many of whom I continue to meet so that we can support each other. I would recommend this Programme to anyone in a leadership role or about to step into one.”

Tarquin B&W.jpg

Tarquin McDonald

Sponsoring Organisation

Chief Executive
Bath Rugby

"We are delighted to have been involved with the Bath Future Talent Programme for four years now, both in operational partnership and in developing our own people. Investing in our future talent is essential, not just for Bath Rugby but for Bath as a city and location for many diverse professions; attracting talent in to an organisation is at times a challenge, this programme offers a valuable opportunity to invest in the development of great people we already have.

The blended approach to learning with classroom-based events, coaching and distance learning through group work, really appeals to a diverse learning preference and offers an essential support network for on the job growth too. We’re looking forward to continuing our close work with the Programme into the future.”

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