Meet the Future Talent Team


Sarah Williment, Programme Director - responsible for marketing, recruitment, programme design and delivery, team co-ordination and client relations.

We are pleased to introduce you to our Future Talent Programme team, which brings together highly experienced, world-class consultants, coaches and business mentors, drawn from Bath-based organisations and beyond. 

Our Consultants, Coaches and Business Mentors

Dr Tracey Stead - Consultant and Coach

Jane Rosser - Consultant and Coach


Stephen Taylor - Business Mentor


Amanda Wylie - Coach

Anna Britton - Consultant and Coach

Steve Fuller - Consultant

Britt MacFarlane - Coach

Veronique Davis - Coach

Mark Hughes - Consultant and Coach


Dave Kelly - Business Mentor

Shay Parsons.jpg

Shay Parsons - Business Mentor

Dr Graham Abbey - Consultant and Coach

Kirstie Sneyd - Consultant