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Fiona Dawson, Director, Mayden

Having joined Mayden in 2015 whilst studying for a degree part-time with the University of Bath, Fiona Dawson is, without a doubt, one of Bath’s rising stars. She has had a meteoric rise from her initial role at Mayden as Implementation Coordinator to a Directorship in just four years. Now, a fully-fledged Director of Mayden, Fiona takes a lead role on partnership arrangements and product strategy for iaptus - Mayden’s market leading software for mental health services. 

Sponsored by the company, through her participation in the Future Talent Programme in 2016-17, Fiona was able to develop her understanding of the meaning of leadership and how best to communicate in order to manage complex projects and teams as part of her role.  

Following the Future Talent Programme, Fiona continues to take an avid interest in leadership and supporting the continuous development of Mayden’s workforce. Commenting on her experience of the Future Talent Programme, she said:

“It is simply a life changing experience. It’s not a typical leadership programme and it’s unlike anything I have come across, before or since. I went in expecting theory, lectures and leadership ‘prescriptions’ that I could use in cookie cutter scenarios. I could not have been more wide of the mark, and thank goodness! The Future Talent Programme is a leadership course that will take you on an intensive, thought-provoking, self-reflective and career affirming journey.

It has been a springboard for my career and provided me with access to experiences and knowledge normally not available to someone at my career point. I have also been privileged to see the programme have a similar impact on the lives of fellow attendees, both within my organisation and in businesses and charities across the city. Learning from industry experts, being exposed to business coaching and mentoring and creating a wonderful network of contacts from a diverse range of backgrounds and organisations, has left an enduring impact on me. 

The Future Talent programme results in a ‘step-up’ effect, where there is a distinct change in people who have been on the programme - a genuine ‘before’ and ‘after’ - which tangibly benefits the individuals, the organisations they work for, the colleagues they work with and the communities in which they live. In this way, it is much more than just an investment in any single individual.

I am so grateful to Mayden for the opportunity and proud to be part of an organisation that continues to see the benefit of the Future Talent Programme, for our people, our organisation and our city.“

Alison Sturgess-Durden, Director at Mayden responsible for the company’s organisational and business development and marketing, said:

“The Future Talent programme is outstanding. We have sponsored seven of our people through the programme since its inception, each finding it challenging, rewarding and inspiring. Everyone at Mayden has been able to see the change in their personal effectiveness, impact throughout the business and overall sense of direction - Fiona being a case in point. The programme offers a unique curriculum designed to get to the essence of each individual’s true leadership self. I highly recommend it for our next generation of leaders.”

Editor’s Note: Mayden designs, builds and supports insightful cloud based systems for healthcare services in the UK and abroad. The company’s mission is to provide technology that changes what’s possible for clinicians and patients.